Different Types Of Roller Banners Available! Something You Must Read Now

When it comes to roller banners there are many different types, sizes and designs available on the market. These banners can also be customized to suit your business needs and are available in many different colors as well as materials. The different types of materials include rubber, vinyl, plastic and fabric which will suit any environmental need. 2m roller banner

These banners are used for advertising purposes and can be rolled up or down easily. They can be hung from anywhere and are exceptionally lightweight and portable. These banners come with a banner stand which is usually made from a lightweight aluminum or alloy and can be erected almost anywhere making your product clearly visible. The base of the stand is usually circular or square which adds stability to the attached banner.

The dimensions of the roller banners vary and will depend on your design and fabric. A popular choice is those measuring 250 cm x 100 cm using a stretch fabric. A PVC solvent material is used to create the banners graphics using a resolution of around seven hundred dpi. One can save money by having the banner printed on both sides although it is slightly more expensive costing around $200 for a standard banner.

These banners can be erected quickly as well as dismantled quickly. Setting up a product display is time consuming, and by making use of banners you do not need a lot of space for your brand to be noticed as these are the ultimate promotional tool. When you are not using your banners they can be comfortable stored in an aluminum tube.

Besides erecting these roller banners in your business, they can be rolled up and carried around to any location such as stalls, malls, festivals and exhibitions. As opposed to other advertising media’s banners are clearly visible and covey your promotional message clearly.

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