Low Tech in a High Tech World

It seems that the more devices we’ve that have been all touted as being capable of de-strain us by using maintaining us up to date, the more stressed out we have become. People walk out in their houses on their phones, they pressure while checking their emails, and walk down the road even as texting someone how big is a gazillion.
You know, there is something to be said for now not understanding the whole lot proper now. Wouldn’t or not it’s high-quality to stroll down the road to your neighborhood keep and actually watch where you’re going? Take time to see the bushes, the bugs, and the birds as you go via? Being able to force in your vehicle and enjoy the view, what a simple pleasure we take for granted. Sometimes we are attempting to talk to at least one individual at the same time as texting someone else. Gone are the times while you had someone’s undivided interest, and enter the instances whilst our lives have become one multitasking session after another.
Being detached from the grid now and again may be very de-stressing, except you start stressing about not understanding. There are things we need to do in an effort to stay low tech on this excessive tech world.
1. Don’t get stuck up in the hype. You do not need to improve each time. Believe it or not, the tech we’ve can last years and years, and maximum of the time, our needs don’t trade that extensively to warrant getting the present day tech anyway.
2. Understand that there is, and will constantly be, some thing better than what you have, so simply be glad with what you do have, and do not attention on what you do not have.
We get up inside the morning and take a look at our clever phones and or pills before we speak to our tremendous different. We can send a brief e-mail, test the weather and the news all earlier than we say “hey” to our partners. There was time for communicate earlier than we leave the residence, but now the handiest communicate we listen is “I’m late, gotta pass.”
This high tech pushed society sincerely has it’s blessings, and there are some technology that truly make existence a joy to live, but, all this tech has come at a fee. Instead of connecting one on one, we grow to be connecting one on three, or one on 5, as we try to connect with everything and everybody right now.
We cannot get away this high tech society in which we live, and neither should we attempt to, but what we ought to try to do is recognize which tech we need and which we do not. Lets stay linked with our circle of relatives and buddies, however shall we not loose the joy of playing life. Let’s manipulate our tech, in place of our tech controlling us. Let’s enjoy the solar, the rain, the breeze, as we also enjoy our cherished ones, and the gadgets that maintain us connected. Lets try and recognize which tech devices will give us the stability in an effort to in reality permit us to be low tech in a excessive tech world.
Hi my name is Hartley R. Smith II and in case you Got Tech, Need Tech, or have tech questions,